A leading role during the World Port Days

BigRoll Shipping will play a leading role during the World Port Days. This 173-metre long vessel, which transports large installations and equipment for the energy industry, will be docked at Parkkade in Rotterdam during the event.

BigRoll’s Dutch vessels were designed for rolling large loads onto the deck. The vessels recently transported huge installations for a new LNG factory on a Russian peninsula in north-western Siberia. BigRoll vessels are extremely suitable for operating in this region, as they are capable of breaking up ice and were designed to operate in extremely cold temperatures while protecting its crew. The specific qualities of the BigRoll are appreciated well outside the Arctic region. Immediately following the World Port Days, ‘BigRoll Baffin’ will depart for a project in Angola.

‘BigRoll Baffin’ is not the only large vessel that can be admired during the World Port Days. The Royal Netherlands Navy will be there with a frigate, a submarine, a minehunter, a patrol ship and a 204-metre long joint support ship named ‘Zr.Ms. Karel Doorman’. Several other seagoing and inland vessels can be admired at the docks and during the demonstrations.

The World Port Days is held each year on the first weekend of September and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. This is the fortieth edition of the event. Various activities will be organised on the quays and in the water near the Erasmusbrug bridge. Visitors can also participate in an excursion to get an up close and personal look at various companies located deeper in the harbour.

(photo by Anne Reitsma)