On 23 November 2016, Cosco Dalian Shipyard Co. Ltd handed over BigRoll Baffin, the third MC-Class Module Carrier for BigRoll Shipping, to her owners.

The first two state-of-the-art MC-Class Module Carriers, BigRoll Barentsz and BigRoll Bering were handed over earlier this year. Both vessels have already executed several challenging voyages and did perform according to expectations and demonstrated excellent service speeds and vessel motions.

Delivery of the last vessel of the series, BigRoll Beaufort, is expected in March 2017. BigRoll Beaufort will complete this unique series of four identical deck carriers, offering reliability and flexibility to the market.

The Finnish Swedish 1A Ice Class MC-Class vessels are explicitly designed for the marine transportation of major modules and equipment for large energy projects both on and offshore and can deliver in the most remote and inaccessible areas on the planet.