The BigRoll Markets

BigRoll Shipping BV is a provider of marine services with a particular focus on the transport of modules across the world’s oceans. Our vessels and our organisation have been designed to provide the highest level of service required for the safe and efficient execution of these projects. BigRoll focuses on both the onshore and offshore maritime transportation market.

These two markets have different characteristics but both require dedicated marine transportation services. They need a shipowner able to provide unique vessel capabilities, in combination with ship management, engineering and project management services. BigRoll provides all these services in-house.

We believe that the combination of our fleet and our people ashore and on our vessels enables us to provide the dedicated services needed for energy projects being developed onshore and offshore.

Onshore modularized

In the onshore market BigRoll Shipping BV primarily provides maritime services for major energy projects. There are two potential construction methods deployed for these global energy projects - either to “stick-build” the facilities entirely at the project site or a modular approach, where modules are preassembled and transported to the site.

BigRoll specialises in energy projects developed using the modularised approach. LNG has been one of the drivers of modularisation over the last decades. Given the characteristics of LNG and the location of many of these projects, where there can be extreme weather conditions or limited availability of labour, modularisation is in many cases the preferred approach.

The construction of LNG plants calls for ships and shipowners such as BigRoll, with the expertise and assets capable of transporting these huge modules. This was also a major reason why BigRoll decided to invest in its state-of-the-art MC-Class Module Carriers. These new vessels have completely flush decks enabling them to accommodate the biggest modules seen in this market. The MC-Class provide unique capabilities, they are ice-classed and this is combined with a slender hull, resulting in a reliable, high speed, efficient fuel consumption and large ballast capacities for loading and discharging.

Offshore services

Within the offshore market BigRoll Shipping BV provides maritime services directly to our partners executing these challenging projects offshore. BigRoll can be of assistance during the start of a project, the commissioning phase and at the end of a project, the decommissioning phase.

During the commissioning phase, BigRoll can supply modules and other large pieces of equipment directly offshore. The BigRoll MC-Class can also assist during the installation of the modules using their ballast capacity for a float-over operation. During the decommissioning phase BigRoll can then transport the modules from the offshore site to the scrap yard.

The dynamic positioning features of the MC-Class provide unique capabilities for offshore transportation and installation services. In combination with the flush deck and high ballast capacities, we can load major modules both onshore and offshore.

While the variation in project characteristics offshore is enormous, the services and capabilities BigRoll offers are consistent. We provide the marine transportation services required by our partners in the offshore industry.